American Indians in South Dakota

Gov. Mike Rounds has declared 2010 as the Year of Unity in South Dakota – a year to renew South Dakota’s dedication to multicultural understanding and acceptance. As part of that declaration, his office is putting out a series of notes on the issue. Here’s one issued last week:

The latest U.S. Census Bureau population estimates, released this week, indicate South Dakota has 788,928 residents.
Whites comprise 88 percent of the state population.
The largest minority in South Dakota is American Indians, who make up eight percent of the population – at 66,426 residents.
Blacks (African Americans) and Asians, each comprise one percent of the South Dakota population. Other races or racial mixtures account for the remaining two percent of state residents.
According to the new Census Bureau report, the median age of whites in South Dakota is 37 years old.
The median age for Native Americans and blacks in the state is 23, the median age for Asians in South Dakota is 29, and the median age for Hispanics in the state is 22.

On a related note, the state Office of Tourism recently released "Native South Dakota," a travel guide to tribal lands and attractions

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