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Arlington SD

Arlington SD

Arlington, South Dakota is conveniently located at the junction of Highways 14 & 81. Nearly 1000 residents and 140 businesses call Arlington home and for good reason. Thebusiness community cares about the residents and visitors so anyone who frequents our area knows they can shop with confidence. Arlington offers reasonably priced housing in a community where your children can still walk to school. Their educational opportunities are outstanding as students prepare for the future in new buildings with state of the art equipment. And with over a dozen lakes within 20 miles and numerous public hunting grounds, Arlington is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true.


The city was founded by the Western Town Lot Company in 1880, and originally named Nordland. Platted streets were given Norwegian names. The city was renamed a few years later, but in 1885 named Arlington. It was briefly named Denver in the interlude, but postal authorities did not approve of the name, so the Eastern name chosen after the colonial center in Virginia stuck in South Dakota. The streets were not renamed until several decades passed, with Olaf Street eventually changed to Main Street, Kanut Street to Third Street, etc. Arlington was relatively innovative in its early history, as an early adopter of city-wide electrical and water utilities, as well as telephone, but innovation slowed with the passing of the original citizens. Fortunately, the city has experienced a renaissance of sorts in recent years, with a new high school, an improved park system, excellent broadband and cellular access, and continued work on the city’s utility infrastructure.

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Lake Arlington has become the signature landmark for the city and with its gorgeous view it’s easy to see why.

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