Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting

South Dakota has an abundance of big game that can be hunted throughout the state. Licenses are issued on a lottery basis for all of the big game. You can learn how to apply for a license by visiting our South Dakota Hunting License page or visiting one of the pages below specific to the game.


South Dakota offers excellent deer hunting opportunities in all regions of the state. They offer 3 different types of tags: East River, West River and Black Hills deer season tags.


If you want to hunt antelope, you may not find a better location to do so than in South Dakota. The state offers one of the highest populations of antelope in the US. You can hunt with either archery or firearm.


At this time only South Dakota residents are able to apply for and receive an elk license in South Dakota. They have firearm and archery seasons in Custer State Park and in the Black Hills area and surrounding areas.


South Dakota has seen a huge growth of the turkey population recently and the state offers many opportunities to hunt in fall and spring seasons.

Bighorn Sheep

Due to the limited number of bighorn sheep, only South Dakota residents are offered the opportunity to take part in the unique hunts.

Mountain Goat

At this time the Game, Fish and Parks has closed the Mountain Goat seasons to help strengthen the numbers of the herd.

Mountain Lion

The state of South Dakota offers a couple options when it comes to hunting mountain lions. Hunting is limited to South Dakota residents and you can get a statewide license or a Custer State Park license – which is offered in a limited number via a lottery drawing.

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