Biking in South Dakota

Biking in South Dakota

Mountain bikers of all skill levels have discovered the previously hidden treasure that is South Dakota. With thousands of miles of paved trails, challenging climbs, leisurely flat-plane roads, and rugged mountain trails, the state is a haven for those in search of the ultimate two-wheel adventure. South Dakota bike trails are created and maintained with an eye toward preserving open space and keeping the original landscape intact. Trail developers are careful not to disturb existing ecosystems, lakes, and forests.

So what’s the big appeal? In addition to the obvious answer—it’s fun!—mountain biking affords riders an array of advantageous benefits, including a boost in physical fitness and improved overall well-being. With more than 50 million mountain bikers in America, the sport generates a whopping $26 billion for the country’s economy, boosting retail sales, tourist industries, and related services.

Mountain biking satisfies the appetite of a growing sector of self-described “adventure tourists,” who seek to experience nature through the venue of a sport, such as biking, skiing, snowshoeing, or horseback riding. When compared to other recreational pursuits that use fuel, biking is an environmentally friendly pursuit that relies solely on the strength and intensity of the biker. Among the thousands of bikers who strike out on adventure vacations each year, they all share the common thread of respecting and preserving the terrain on which they ride.

Click here to learn about South Dakota biking and the “Rules of the Road”.

Bike Trails in South Dakota

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