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South Dakota Campgrounds

South Dakota is a great place to camp – featuring over 50 state parks, six national parks and endless public campgrounds.

South Dakota camping is one of the more enjoyable outdoor activities to do in the state. There’s nothing like sleeping under the stars to the soundtrack of chirping crickets or gently lapping water to help you relax and escape today’s fast-paced lifestyle. With its rich diversity of landscapes, terrain, and water reservoirs, the scenic state of South Dakota provides an abundance of camping opportunities for those looking to become more attuned to the great outdoors.

While it’s considered a recreational pursuit today, camping was once a way of life for the original natives and European settlers of South Dakota. During the 18th century explorations of the region, settlers traveled by horseback and set up camp alongside the Missouri River and lake reservoirs. Modern-day campers can experience the area from the same vantage point as those earliest explorers.

Like any outdoor recreational pursuit, there are varying degrees of camping. Some prefer very primitive forms, while others incorporate modern conveniences. A majority of the camping in the state is done at the campgrounds either by tent or RV. If you feel really adventurous there are many more skilled campers who backpack out into the Black Hills.

Whether you prefer to camp along the banks of a river, on a tree-covered mountainside, or on the high plains, South Dakota offers hundreds of scenic sites. From pristine wilderness areas to more commercial campgrounds, the state provides a bevy of opportunities for those who enjoy experiencing the great outdoors.


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