Types of Fishing

Types of Fishing

South Dakota anglers indulge in a wide variety of fishing types, each with its own unique set of strategies and challenges. Below are some of the common types of fishing used in South Dakota:

Fishing line Fishing

Referred to as angling, is the most common of the fishing types in South Dakota.

Hand line Fishing

The fisherman holds a weighted fishing line in his hands and uses a lure to entice fish to bite the line. The line is reeled in by hand when a fish is snared.


Refers to the practice of dragging the line through the water typically using a boat with the intent of creating movement to catch the attention of the fish.

Bow Fishing

Refers to the practice of shooting fish from above the water, usually with a bow & arrow (with a rope attached to the arrow). This technique is popular in South Dakota in shallow rivers and streams.

Ice Fishing

A popular winter sport, ice fishing is where the fisherman cuts a hole in the top of a solidly frozen lake or river, and then casts a fishing line into the chilled water below to catch fish.

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