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One of South Dakota’s most notable attractions, the Crazy Horse Memorial is a fusion of the splendors of nature and the creativity of man. Since 1948, the Kiolkowski family has overseen the ongoing creation of the most massive sculpture in the world, currently measuring 641 feet long and 563 feet high. After more than 50 years of steady progress, there’s still a great deal of work ahead. The end goal of this educational, non-profit project is to complete a detailed carving of Crazy Horse, one of South Dakota’s most famous Native American figures.

Throughout the year, dozens of sightseeing tours visit the Crazy Horse Memorial. Besides the awe-inspiring structure itself, these guided groups enjoy several other cultural and educational offerings:

  • A sprawling visitor complex and beautiful, wood-paneled welcome center, complete with spacious theaters where historical films are presented
  • The Indian Museum of North America, which includes dozens of exhibits of Native American artwork, artifacts, and ethnic accessories to commemorate the rich diversity and heritage of North American tribes
  • The Native American Cultural & Educational Center, an annex of the Indian Museum that boasts dozens of tribal art exhibits, 19th century photographs, and a special children’s section
  • The log home studio and workshop of the original sculptor of the Crazy Horse Memorial, the late Korczak Ziolkowski
  • Arts and crafts displays by regional Native American artists

To experience the full effect of Crazy Horse, you might consider timing your sightseeing tour with one of the special events that take place throughout the year. The memorial is more than just a sculpture—it’s the site of several educational and cultural celebrations. For more than twenty years, the annual Crazy Horse Volksmarch has hosted organized hikes up a 6.2-mile route to the sculpture. Twice a year, ceremonial “night blasts” illuminate the mountain carving with fireballs and pyrotechnics. Each June, the Crazy Horse Stampede Rodeo is a source of gripping entertainment.

For more information, call Crazy Horse Memorial directly, at (605) 673-4681.

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