Downtown Sioux Falls

Downtown Sioux Falls

Downtown Sioux Falls offers a wide variety of dining and things to do.

Downtown Sioux Falls is buzzing with activity and interest.  In recent years, Sioux Falls’ downtown area has developed into a unique Sioux Falls neighborhood, with its own style and amenities.

Venturing downtown you’ll find a vital community with its own culture and lifestyle.  If it’s fine dining you’re looking for, downtown Sioux Falls is your destination.  Minerva’s restaurant, an institution in South Dakota, anchors the corner of Phillips Avenue and 11th Street.  You’ll also find cafes and diners, coffee shops and bakeries, all within walking distance of one another.  If you’re in the mood for ethnic food, downtown Sioux Falls has options ranging from Mexican to Chinese to Mediterranean.

Shopping is also abundant in downtown Sioux Falls, the streets dotted with unique shops like 10,000 Villages and Zandbroz Variety, which features a working soda fountain in the store.  You’ll also find high-end botiques, furniture galleries, and shops specializing in Native American goods.

Falls Park is minutes from downtown, highlighted by the Phillips to the Falls corridor.  If it’s activity you crave, downtown Sioux Falls’ calendar of events is sure to keep you buys.  With a First Fridays celebration, moonlight movies, block parties, parades, a sculpture walk, and much more, you’ll be busy downtown from dawn till dusk.

Downtown Sioux Falls has also become a destination for young professionals who want to live where they work, with historic buildings being converted to apartments and condominiums.

If you’re looking for vibrant cultural life and a destination filled with activity, check out downtown Sioux Falls!

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