Duck Hunting

Ducks are a widely popular prey among South Dakotan hunters, with more than 15 million of them migrating through the state each year. Northeastern South Dakota is one of the main breeding grounds for ducks – commonly known the "Prairie Pothole" region – as the glaciers formed lakes, sloughs and streams. Due to this, it makes a perfect location to hunt ducks.

Duck Season & Location

The duck hunting seasons are set in early August after the US Fish and Wildlife Service has issued federally mandated guidelines for the season. They typically display the daily limits for each type of species: mallards, wood ducks, scaup, redheads, pintail and canvasback.

Although ducks can be found throughout the state, the north-eastern part of the state is the perfect location for hunting any type of duck.

Applying for a License

Like all small game hunting in the state you must apply for a license. To learn more about the hunting dates and licensing information please check our South Dakota Hunting License page.

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