Eastern Region Camping

Eastern Region Camping

The eastern region of South Dakota provides an abundance of opportunities for camping enthusiasts. Whether you prefer to “rough it” in a remote wilderness area or favor the conveniences of more commercial campgrounds, you’re sure to find a prime outdoor lodging site in this picturesque portion of the state.

The northeastern portion of South Dakota is home to more than 120 glacial lakes, originally formed 20,000 years ago when migrating glaciers moved out of the area. In southeastern South Dakota, you’ll find Sioux Falls, the state’s largest city and economic hub. Sioux Falls is home to majestic waterfalls and the 14-mile Greenway Trail. Among the other major eastern cities are Yankton, located along the Missouri River and James River, and Watertown, nestled along the Big Sioux River.

Below, we’ve compiled a listing of some of the most popular camping destinations in this region below. However, we encourage you to check out the all the state park campgrounds in the area.

Popular Camping Destinations

Lewis and Clark Recreation Area

More than one million vacationers visit the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area each year. Located near Yankton on the South Dakota and Nebraska border, the site marks the spot where the Lewis and Clark expedition first met with the Yankton Sioux.

Oakwood Lakes State Park

Located near Brookings, Oakwood Lakes State Park offers year-round activities for South Dakota visitors. The East Oakwood Lakes and West Oakwood Lakes have a combined total of more than 3,000 acres of water in which to fish, kayak, swim, and canoe.

Jellystone Park Camp-Resort

Jellystone Park Camp-Resort of Sioux falls offers some of the best family camping and entertainment in the region. Just off I-90 near Brandon it is a popular destination for vacationers and locals alike.

Lake Poinsett Recreation Area

Lake Poinsett Recreation Area, northeast of Arlington, South Dakota, is home to Lake Poinsett, South Dakota’s second largest natural lake. Visitors to Lake Poinsett Recreation Area can enjoy swimming, jet skiing, boating, and fishing on 8,500 acres of clear, pristine waters.

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