Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s markets are a great way to taste the agricultural bounty of South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers, and meet the local South Dakotans who produce the state’s food and agricultural products.

As a top producer of many types of wheat, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, as well as beef and pork, South Dakota has many local food products to offer at its farmer’s markets.  A quick walk through the local farm stalls will showcase the state’s bounty.  On any given market day, you’ll find bunches of locally grown flowers, crisp produce like lettuces and greens, farm fresh sweet corn, savory herbs, and even some unusual products like locally grown popcorn or freshly butchered meats.

Although the products showcased at South Dakota’s farmer’s markets are exceptional, what you’ll be most impressed with are the farmers themselves.  South Dakotans are people closely tied to the land, and farmers know South Dakota better than most.  Spend some time talking to a local farmer and you’ll see the true face of South Dakota.

South Dakota has farmer’s markets around the state, from Rapid City to Sioux Falls.  Check one out today, and see what food and farming is all about in South Dakota!

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