Fill the Cup: Local Black Hills Coffee Shops

Fill the Cup: Local Black Hills Coffee Shops

If you’re like 83 percent of Americans, the best part of waking up is … well, coffee.

So, when you’re on vacation in the Black Hills, knowing where to get the best cup of joe becomes, very, very important. Sure, you can hit up a Starbucks (though if you’re in some of the smaller Hills communities, that might not be an option), but why get the same jolt of caffeine here as you can back home?

Here are the top coffee spots in the region, from the Southern Hills to the Northern Hills.

Baker’s Bakery & Cafe, ‪541 Mount Rushmore Road, Custer: Before you go see the Buffalo in Custer State Park, stop by Bakers. Not only will you get a solid cup of coffee, you’ll also have access to an endless array of amazing pastries. Honorable mention: Flatiron Coffee Bar in Hot Springs.

Bully Blends, 908 Main Street, Rapid City: Bully Blends has a huge selection of organic, fair-trade coffee that they brew fresh every day. They also have a delicious breakfast and lunch menu. Oh, and the rumor is they’re the only shop in town that offers a five-shot espresso. Honorable mention: Alternative Fuel Coffee House

Green Bean Coffee Shop, 304 N. Main Street, and Blackbird Espresso, 503 N. Main Street, both in Spearfish, SD: This one’s a tie for sure. Both offer the perfect start to you day whether you need caffeine or homemade pastries. And since they’re within a few blocks of each other, try one, then walk – or sprint if you’ve had too much coffee – to the other.

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