Goose Hunting

South Dakota, along with many parts in North America, has recently seen an overpopulation of geese in the area which has made the state a great place to hunt geese. Due to this GFAP has offered liberal hunting seasons to help regulate the goose population in the area. 

Goose Season & Location

The hunting season for geese is set in last summer and typically lasts anywhere from the end of September through the new year. Nonresidential licenses are also given out in limited numbers and is issued in a lottery system similar to how the big game lottery is run. The application for that is due in early July.

Geese can be found all throughout the state but have been the strongest along the Missouri River areas.

Applying for a License

Like all small game hunting in the state you must apply for a license. To learn more about the hunting dates and licensing information please check our South Dakota Hunting License page.

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