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The South Dakota Hall of Fame honors those who contribute to the success of the state of South Dakota. Located in Chamberlain, it’s a quick stop off the interstate and gives great insight into the history of South Dakota and those who’ve helped establish it.

Located in Chamberlain, South Dakota, the South Dakota Hall of Fame was created in 1974 to honor South Dakotans who have contributed to the progress of the state, who have forged a way of life in South Dakota, and to those who have shaped South Dakota’s values.

When the South Dakota Hall of Fame began in 1974, it was located in Pierre.  In order to make it more centrally located, the museum was later moved to Chamberlain, South Dakota, and named the Official Hall of Fame by the South Dakota State Legislature.

The Walk of Fame is the first attraction that greets visitors to the Hall of Fame.  A series of walls with profiles of Hall of Fame inductees, the Walk of Fame introduces newcomers to the faces of famous South Dakotans.  Further into the museum, the Wall of Fame showcases a panoramic view of the Needles in the Black Hills.  Each of the panels on the Wall of Fame lists a year of induction, and the names of the famous South Dakotans inducted in that year.

Some of the most famous inductees to the South Dakota Hall of Fame include:

  • Mary Hart – Known nationally for her work in the news media
  • Terry Redlin – Worldwide acclaim for his beautiful artistic work portraying nature and American life
  • Tom Brokaw – Nationally recognized for his contribution to media and journalism
  • Al Neuharth – Renowned as the founder of USA Today, the Freedom Forum, and honored with the Al Neuharth Media Center in Vermillion, SD
  • Sitting Bull – The famous leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux tribe who was a man of vision and well respected by all who knew him.
  • Crazy Horse – Known as a brave and generous Sioux Indian Warrior, he is honored at the Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • And Many More!

The South Dakota Hall of Fame is open daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and Monday through Friday during the winter.  Admission is free.


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