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Harrisburg is a place of ever growing possibilities from growing developments, industrial park and a quality school system. Harrisburg is a community of just less than one square mile, and is a commuter suburb of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, three miles to the north. Located around the intersection of County Road 110 and County Road 123, this community has grown to 3,000 residents. Lake Alvin Recreation Area is approximately three miles out of town and several popular golf courses are only minutes from Harrisburg.


In the early years before a railroad was built through Lincoln County, the mail was carried by a stage coach trail to the Harris Homestead, on Nine Mile Creek in Dayton Township. The post office was called Harrisburg. With the building of the railroad from Sioux City, Iowa, to Sioux Falls in 1878, the first train passed through this township (now Harrisburg) on August 1st of that year. The post office then moved to the Emory J. Darling Homestead, one mile south of the present site of Harrisburg. In 1890, the Depot was moved to its’ present site, and the town of Harrisburg came into being. The post office was again named Harrisburg.

Recreation / Community Events

Hugh Robinson is the oldest park located downtown next to city hall. It features playground equipment and a picnic shelter. Ellis Larson Park is also centrally located. This park includes a picnic shelter and the parks’ meeting building. Heartland Park is being completed with playground equipment, a basketball court and picnic shelter. Also under development is a bike and walking trail that will allows for moving about the city safely. Lake Alvin Recreation Area allows fishing, swimming and boating.

Located southeast of Harrisburg, the Heartland Country Corn Maze offers adventure for the whole family. Scattered throughout the many passageways of the maze are 10 checkpoints with questions about local history, agriculture and local geography. The checkpoints also serve as reference points on the maze map and a completed questionnaire proves you visited all 10 checkpoint sights. Whether young or old, the maze offers a unique outing with an educational twist.

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