Hoist a Victory Stout at Rapid City’s Newest Brewery

Hoist a Victory Stout at Rapid City’s Newest Brewery

Of all the things that could result when two young guys start brewing beer at home, a solid business plan is probably one of the least likely. But in the case of Hay Camp Brewing Co., that’s pretty much what did happen. Well, a solid business plan and some really good beer.


Their website describes Hay Camp as a “nanobrewery that produces small batch handcrafted beers exclusive to onsite sales.” Visitors to Rapid City’s first production-only brewery can sample a flight of four beers for $8.


According to Hay Camp’s marketing guy and “front-of-the-house main man,” Sam Coil, the brewery plans to add a fifth beer sometime this summer.


Right now, Hay Camp is open from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Fridays (all three of young brewers involved in running the business also hold down full-time jobs). But Coil says they’re planning to be open another night – likely Thursdays – by this fall. They’re also expanding their location in the Creamery Mall at 201 Main Street, hoping to have patio seating sometime yet this summer. That’ll be a nice addition because their current space is small, with seating for only a handful of beer enthusiasts.


Coil says they have two flagship beers — the Bitter Warrior, an English ordinary bitter that’s more malty than hoppy, and the Victory Stout, a dark-colored but light-bodied Irish dry stout. The Warrior weighs in at 3.8% ABV, the Stout at 4.8 ABV.


There are no artificial flavors or ingredients in their beer, and Coil says they try to use local ingredients whenever possible. The brewery also sells growlers of its beer as well as merchandise. Patrons are encouraged to bring in outside food to enjoy with their beer of choice.


Hay Camp unofficially began about three years ago when Karl Koth and Sam Papendick started home brewing. They took their beer to house parties, and it proved to be popular. After that, they invested in more equipment, doing much of their brewing from their garage.


It wasn’t long before they outgrew the garage and started looking for something in downtown Rapid City where they could peddle their wares. They settled on renovating the garage of the historic Creamery Mall, only a few blocks from the heart of downtown Rapid City. They started renovations in late summer of 2013. Six months later, they were open for business.


Coil says Hay Camp is heavily focused on educating people about beer and the process to create stellar stouts and hoppy ales. So, whether you’re a novice beer drinker or a veteran connoisseur,


Hay Camp’s got something on tap to wet your whistle.

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