Humboldt, SD

Approximately twenty miles west of Sioux Falls, Humboldt serves its’ 500 residents with hospitality of the Midwest.


Humboldt’s history begins with a background about the land on which it is located, because of its’ distance 20 miles west of Sioux Falls and in Minnehaha County. It began with a survey of the township by Wm. J. Neely in August of 1859, at which time the boundary lines were drawn, and subdivisions were later made by H.T. Austin in 1867. In 1879, the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha railroad was built with a stopping place in Humboldt. In 1880, the township residents named the town in honor of German naturalist-botanist-scientist Baron Alexander Von Humboldt. The plot of land which is now The City of Humboldt was surveyed and staked out into blocks in July 1891. Humboldt boasts of being the highest point between the Missouri and the Mississippi Rivers at 1704.107’ elevation.

Recreation / Community Activities

Pressler Park offers a basketball and a tennis court. It’s also equipped with picnic shelters, new playground equipment and restrooms. The Humboldt area offers a wide range of other outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and many others.

By month, activities annually planned are the Fireman’s Dinner Fundraiser in February, Summer Fun Day during July, Lawnmower Poker Run and Threshing Bee in August, Turkey Day during November, and Santa Day in December.

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