Hunting Lodges

Hunting Lodges

South Dakota hunting lodges provide first-class accommodations you would find at any upscale hotel. Hunters are generally provided with private rooms and baths, cable or satellite TV,  often with a full stocked bar and humidor.  An additional benefit of staying at a hunting lodge is there are often home-cooked meals available, possibly with some of the bounty of the hunt.

Additional services are also common at hunting lodges like guided hunts, equipment rentals, kennels for hunting animals, and other services. If you are looking for a great hunting experience, a guided hunt at one of the many hunting lodges in the state is a must. They bring you to the pheasants, deer or whatever type of game you are hunting for so you do not have to deal with finding quality hunting land to use.

Some South Dakota hunting lodges can entertain guests with more than hunting. Each offer their own unique experiences depending on the region of the state. Fishing on the Missouri River, a horseback trail ride, a Missouri River boatride and even a Finnish sauna are some of the other great features you can get with a hunting lodge in South Dakota. Additional tours and services are also available.

Due to the changes in hunting throughout the state we have broken up the hunting by region. So checkout some of the great hunting lodges below!

Black Hills / Badlands Hunting Lodges

Black Hills / Badlands Hunting Lodges are located in the western part of the state the hunting lodges here offer the great experiences that come with the Black Hills region. You can hunt many different types of species including pheasant, deer and elk. If you are feeling adventurous you can even hunt prairie dogs.

Central Region Hunting Lodges

Central Region Hunting Lodges are tucked along the Missouri River the central part of the state offers excellent pheasant and deer hunting experiences. The best part of the area may be the fishing though. Although the whole state offers great fishing, you definitely should look in the central region if you are looking to hunt and fish.

Eastern Region Hunting Lodges

The Eastern Region Hunting Lodges are in an area of the state that offers some of the best pheasant hunting you will see in the world. If you want to hunt pheasants this is the area for you. You can also hunt deer, ducks, geese among others.

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