Journey Museum

Journey Museum

At the Journey Museum you can experience the history of the Black Hills from the violent upheaval that formed the hills through the gold rush, up to the present day adventures of western South Dakota.

The Journey Museum has six collections, including archeology, Duhamel, geology/paleontology, Minnilusa Pioneer, Sioux Indian, and western native gardens.  The archeology collection showcases artifacts from the past 10,000 years, and visitors can try their hands at solving mysteries from the past.

The Duhamel Collection of Native American Artifacts was a gift to the Journey Museum from Helen and A.F. Duhamel.  It contains several hundred pieces of traditional Sioux arts and crafts, mostly gathered from the Pine Ridge, Rosebud, and Cheyenne River reservations.

The Journey Museum’s geology and paleontology collection begins with “the abyss,” a star-studded darkness representing billions of years of unrecorded time.  After emerging from the darkness you will witness a cross section of the Black Hills, which has taken 2.5 billion years to form.  If you’re more interested in the not-so-distant past, the Minnilusa Pioneer collection will guide you from the European settlers first encounter of the Black Hills to the historic Battle of Little Big Horn and ultimately to the modern-day reconciliation with Wounded Knee and other historical events.

Visitors can watch the epic journey of the Lakota unfold in the Sioux Indian collection.  They can also listen to Lakota storytellers and elders describe their own history.

Western native gardens augment the indoor exhibits with examples of native South Dakota plants.  The beauty of the gardens complement the wealth of cultural and historical exhibits at the Journey Museum.

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