Licenses and Publications

Licenses and Publications

Fishing can be a relaxing, restful pasttime, and making sure you’re doing it legally ensures it will stay that way.  The State of South Dakota makes it simple to obtain and purchase fishing licenses, making sure you can quickly move on to the main event-fishing.

General Fishing Licenses

Much like hunting licenses, the state of South Dakota allows fishing licenses to be purchased through their online system. This system is open to US or Canadian residents over the age of 16 who have access to a credit card and printer.  Click here to view a list of fees.

US citizens must have a valid Social Security Number (not required for Canadians), and parents may purchase youth permits for their children, alhtough they will need to provide their own ID information in addition to their child’s.  IDs must be a Driver’s License or State-Issued ID, or in the case of a child (hunters under the age of 16), their Hunter Safety Certificate.

Youths who are only purchasing a fishing license and do not intend to hunt (and do not have a Hunter Safety Certificate), will need to use their birthdate and initials to obtain a license.

Fishing licenses can also be purchased “over-the-counter” from agents at outdoor stores, gas stations, and other locations.

South Dakota also publishes a helpful fishing guide, which has specific information about fishing areas, regulations on each area, and general laws regulating fishing in South Dakota.  It’s a good idea to download this guide before you go fishing, as the state is in the process of changing regulations in order to promote better conservation of South Dakota’s natural resources.

Fishing on Tribal Lands

South Dakota has some amazing fishing opportunities on tribal lands, with specific regulations regarding such fishing.  Fishing inland dams, lakes, or streams on tribal trust lands requires a tribal fishing license, although fishing waters of the Missouri River and its impoundments only require a state license.  If you are fishing the Missouri River from tribal lands, you may need an access permit from the tribe to fish from the shore.

To find out more about fishing on tribal lands, contact the tribal offices of the tribe whose lands you want to fish:

  • Lower Brule – 605-473-5561
  • Pine Ridge – 605-867-5821
  • Rosebud – 605-747-2381
  • Cheyenne River – 605-964-4155
  • Standing Rock – 605-854-8500 ext. 186
  • Yankton – 605-384-3641
  • Sisseton-Wahpeton – 605-698-3911
  • Crow Creek – 605-245-2221
  • Flandreau Santee – 605-997-3512


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