Mount Rushmore Tours

South Dakota’s top tourist attraction, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is located near the city of Keystone. The granite sculpture commemorates the first 150 years of American history by replicating the likenesses of four of the country’s most notable presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum began work on the masterpiece in 1927, and it was completed in 1941.

Each year, 2.7 million people visit the awe-inspiring Mount Rushmore. Many of these tourists are members of sightseeing groups. Visiting the monument with an organized tour group helps ensure that you don’t miss obscure points of interest or fascinating bits of trivia. Exploring the massive sculpture with an informed guide can help you obtain a more comprehensive history of the monument.

Mount Rushmore sightseeing tours typically include:

  • Visits to the Lincoln Borglum Museum
  • Tours of the Sculptor’s Studio
  • Hikes along the half-mile Presidential Walking Trails bordering the monument, with stops at overlooks that afford spectacular views of the mountain
  • Informational, ranger-led talks on the Grandview Terrace, against the backdrop of the 56 flags flown to represent the country’s states and territories
  • Special educational activities for children
  • Viewing of the nightly illumination of the massive sculpture at 9:00 PM

For budding sculptors, free workshops are offered on the Borglum View Terrace at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. A skilled artist will guide participants through clay work and stone carving activities.

For those touring the sculpture without a guide, pre-recorded audio tours are available, incorporating narration, sound effects, and music into a suggested route throughout the national park. Audio tours can be purchased for $5 at the Audio Tour Building.

For more information on Mount Rushmore sightseeing, contact the Mount Rushmore National Park at 605-574-2523.

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