Mountain Lion Hunting

With the increase of Mountain Lions in the state they have begun issuing licenses on a limited basis to South Dakota residents.

Mountain Lion Season & Location

The season for Mountain Lions is announced by the GFAP each year. There is a statewide season that offers an unlimited number of licenses. GFAP does set a limit to the number of males and females that can be taken each year and the number fluctuates from season to season. Once that mark is hit the season is over.

Licenses can typically be applied for up until November. Although the mountain lion population is heavier in the western part of the state – they have been and can be hunted all throughout the state.

Applying for a License

Like all big game hunting in the state you must apply for a license. The licenses are issued in a lottery type system to help maintain the population. To learn more about the hunting dates and licensing information please check our South Dakota Hunting License page.

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