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From the forest-clad mountains of the Black Hills to the formidable but intriguing spires of the Badlands to the pristine Glacial Lakes, the region is a haven for those whose hobbies lead them into the open air. When it comes to outdoor pursuits in South Dakota, the sky is literally the limit.

Below are some of the most popular outdoor activities indulged in by residents and tourists:


South Dakota boasts some of the best hunting you will find. The pheasant hunting industry alone brings in hunters from all over the world. There are also endless opportunities to hunt deer, geese, elk among others.

From tracking the flight of a pheasant over an East River cornfield to stalking big game across the rugged West River plains and Black Hills, South Dakota truly offers hunters a land of infinite variety.


With more than 1,100 square miles of water reservoirs and a year-round fishing season, South Dakota is a fisherman’s dream. From glistening mountain streams to glacial lakes to Prairie Rivers, the state is rife with some of the finest fishing opportunities in North America.


From the commemorative Centennial Trail to the 110-mile George S. Mickelson Trail, South Dakota offers hundreds of miles of hiking and biking opportunities for all skill levels. Challenge yourself with the soaring inclines and plunging descents of the Black Hills, or unwind with a long, relaxing tour of the grassy plains. Natural bridges and vast caves offer plenty to explore.


Although snow covers the state during the winter months, during the spring, summer and fall you will find endless opportunities to golf. Throughout the state you will find nationally ranked golf courses that offer excitement to golfers of any skill level.

Check out some of the golf courses the state has to offer.

Lakes & Rivers

It’s virtually impossible to visit South Dakota and not be awestruck by the majesty of the lakes & rivers. The state is marked by an expansive network of water ways. Along with that comes an excellent source for fishing, hunting and endless water sports.


South Dakota provides an idyllic backdrop for the avid motorcyclist.

From the thickly forested mountains of the Black Hills to the Glacial Lakes and prairies, the state offers an abundance of picturesque scenery that can best be viewed on a bike. Locals and non-residents can get involved with hundreds of riding clubs, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and biking events held in various cities throughout the year.

State Parks

The State Parks of South Dakota provide travelers with some of the most breathtaking scenery, rich history, and fantastic water and winter recreation opportunities in the United States. Regardless of which region you visit, there is sure to be a thriving state park nearby.

Additional Popular Activities

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