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The city of Parkston is located in the southeastern part of South Dakota, 20 minutes off of Interstate 90 exit 332 south on Highway 37 or 20 miles south of Mitchell, known for the world’s only Corn Palace. Parkston is approximately 70 miles west of Sioux Falls and Interstate I-29. Parkston provides retail, medical, professional, educational and recreational opportunities. Parkston has fertile farmland to help with the agricultural community as well the hunting season for pheasants, deer and other wildlife, as well as a vibrant manufacturing sector.


Two growing areas in the mid-1800’s were Dakota City and Parkston, almost like sister cities. However by April, 1886, it was clear that the railroad would by-pass Dakota City, as the April 30, 1886, issue of the Dakota City Advance reported as follows: “It is reliably reported that the new town [i.e., Parkston] will be laid out in about three weeks and lots will be for sale in six weeks.” The first building in the new town of Parkston was the building housing the newspaper, which was moved from Dakota City to the new town on May 31, 1886. By late June, 1886, most of the buildings from Dakota City had been moved. The new town had six to eight general stores, three or four hardware stores, four machine dealers, two or three lumber companies, two restaurants, a barber shop, a meat market, saloons, a bank, livery stables, painters, carpenters, etc.

By November, 1886, there were approximately 100 people living there.The location of the Dakota City town site is approximately one and one-half miles east and one-half mile south of Parkston. There are, however, no signs remaining of the old town itself, as the last basement was filled in during the 1940’s. Today the location of the Dakota City town site is used for farming. The only remembrance is the Dakota City Cemetery which is maintained in excellent condition.

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The Klauss-James Archive and Art Museum stands proudly at the center of the flourishing community of Parkston, South Dakota. It expresses the Neo-Renaissance style prevalent at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. The main floor is dedicated to conserve the Klauss Archive of music manuscripts, classical cd’s (approximately 2,500), historical books, reference collections, and music scores and texts. There is a Kawai Grand Piano and seating for up to fifty, suitable for performances, and the acoustics of the room are superb. There is a nominal fee for research and performance in the Archive. The Museum is free to the public. Call 928-3366 for a special appointment.

The Pearly Mound Historic Country School is located at the east park on Main Street. This is a one-room old time country school containing desks, chairs, and many other items that were used in country schools of many years ago.?The school originally was located five and one-half miles west of Tripp, South Dakota, just north of Highway 18. The school opened in the early 1900’s and closed in the early to mid-1960s. The school only has one room, but students in grades 1 to 8, inclusive, attended classes simultaneously. One teacher taught all grades. After closing as a school, the building was used as a meeting place for township boards. Self tours may be taken by calling 605-928-3304.

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