Petrified Wood Park

Petrified Wood Park

Occupying nearly a full city block of the town of Lemmon, the petrified wood park is a curiosity that will pique an interest in both geology and architecture.  With towers up to 20 feet tall, and a castle comprised of petrified wood, and petrified dinosaur and mammoth bones, the petrified wood park will be a topic of family discussion for years to come.


The petrified wood park was built from 1930-1932, under the supervision of Ole S. Quammen, an amateur geologist.  The men scouted out rocks and fossils from nearby, and hauled them to the wood park in Lemmon, South Dakota.  In 1954 the park became city property, and in 2002 repairs and renovations restored the park to its original glory.


The petrified wood park house a museum, the Petrified Wood Park Museum, housed inside of a petrified wood structure with spires, also known as “the castle.”  Town historical artifacts and features can be found within the museum, and even a miniature version of a petrified wood house.


Each Christmas, the petrified “trees” at the petrified wood park are decorated with lights, and become part of a Fantasyland display.

The park also features a gift shop that is open from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

Don’t miss this unusual family attraction!

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