Professional Baseball in Sioux Falls, SD

Professional Baseball in Sioux Falls, SD

Baseball is a summer staple, and the Sioux Falls Canaries deliver the full sporting experience. A game at Sioux Falls Stadium, playfully dubbed “The Birdcage,” comes complete with a cheering crowd, cold beer and hot dogs, a pair of silly mascots, and—of course—America’s favorite pastime.

The Canaries are a professional baseball team with the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball’s Northern League, and the team boasts a full list of league records. The Canaries cater to adults and children alike, and their games never disappoint (especially with that lively fanatic down in front ringing her cowbell).Mascots Cagey and Peep wander the stadium, causing playful mischief, and between innings, kids can participate in on-field games and promotions.

The Birdcage, which seats almost 4,500 fans, offers luxury suites and multiple party decks for rent, but the best seats are in the crowd, where the environment is relaxed and carefree—until the exhilarating rush of a home run.

If you like to sit back, crack a bag of peanuts, and cheer for the home team, then you’ll be sure to form bonds with fellow fans at the Birdcage. And, if you’re lucky enough, you might just take home a baseball.

Photo courtesy of Greg Latza

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