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Simply put, there’s never been a better time to relocate to South Dakota. It’s no secret that in most of the country, the real estate market is seeing some tough times. Nationally, homes are taking approximately seven months to sell, and even then it’s usually for significantly less than the asking price. South Dakota, however, appears to be bucking the trend. They have seen steady growth and cities like Sioux Falls and surrounding are thriving.

With low unemployment rates, growing populations, low interest rates, and rising home values, thriving metropolitan areas like Sioux Falls and Rapid City have enjoyed consistently strong housing markets. Although the big cities have large populations, the state as a whole is one of the least densely populated in the country, so there’s plenty of space for newcomers. With a blend of bustling urban areas, quiet suburban subdivisions, and a large amount of rural and agricultural sectors, it truly offers something for everyone.

The South Dakota Housing Development Authority ( focuses on stimulating affordable housing throughout the state. They work to solicit capital investments to construct, purchase, and preserve budget-friendly residential properties and day-care facilities.

Finding a Realtor

If you’re relocating to South Dakota and aren’t intimately familiar with the area, it’s a good idea to contract the services of a local real estate agent with your search.

We recommend checking out the state of South Dakota Realtor’s website and locate a Realtor in the area you are wanting to relocate.

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