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When the snow is falling and the temperatures are dropping, it’s time to hit South Dakota’s ski and winter sports resorts.  With options on the western and eastern sides of

Attractions Central SD Eastern SD Western SD


A Powwow, or Wacipi (pronounced wa-chee-pee), is a Native American celebration where a tribe gets together to dance, sing, spend time together, and honor the Native American culture.  It is

Attractions Western SD

Western Region

South Dakota’s western region has some of the most well-known attractions in the state, including Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.  If you’re not drawn to the western region for

Attractions Eastern SD

Eastern Region

The eastern region of South Dakota has something for everyone.  There’s the hustle and bustle of Sioux Falls, the refined calm of the National Music Museum, and the excitement of

Attractions Central SD

Central Region

South Dakota’s Central Region has attractions that won’t let you forget you’re in the heart of South Dakota. The vast expanse of the open hunting grounds, the rushing waters of

Attractions Eastern SD

Downtown Sioux Falls

Downtown Sioux Falls is buzzing with activity and interest.  In recent years, Sioux Falls’ downtown area has developed into a unique Sioux Falls neighborhood, with its own style and amenities.

Attractions Central SD Eastern SD Western SD

Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s markets are a great way to taste the agricultural bounty of South Dakota’s farmers and ranchers, and meet the local South Dakotans who produce the state’s food and agricultural

Attractions Central SD Eastern SD Western SD

Indoor Attractions

Whether you’re looking for amusement on a rainy day, or an escape from sweltering summer heat or winter cold, South Dakota has an abundance of indoor attractions that will have

Attractions Eastern SD

Wild Water West

Wild Water West, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is the perfect spot to cool off on those hot dog days of summer.  The water park is open throughout the

Attractions Eastern SD

Art Museum

The South Dakota Art Museum has been showcasing South Dakota’s local art and artists since 1970. Located in Brookings, South Dakota, the museum has a permanent collection, as well as