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Black Hills Largest Man-Made Reservoir

If you find yourself driving along Highway 385 between Hill City and Deadwood, there will come a time when you’ll round a curve, the pines lining the road will drop

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Sweet Summertime at Pickerel Lake

Despite nature’s seemingly cruel attempt to thwart it, Summer has finally officially arrived in South Dakota. With that adventurous summer buzz in the air, residents and tourists alike are finding

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Silver City Offers Golden Hiking, Mountain Biking and Fly Fishing

Silver City’s name is one part mystery, one part misnomer.   According to history section on the website that the town’s volunteer fire department maintains, “[t]here are conflicting stories about

Eastern SD Fishing Outdoor Activities

Eastern Region Fishing

In the eastern region of South Dakota, there are 120 glacial lakes ranging widely in size, and three major rivers, the Big Sioux, the James, and the Missouri. Most of

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Licenses and Publications

Fishing can be a relaxing, restful pasttime, and making sure you’re doing it legally ensures it will stay that way.  The State of South Dakota makes it simple to obtain

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Ice Fishing

Don’t let the plunging winter temperatures stop you from fishing some of the most pristine lakes around.  Ice fishing in South Dakota can be a great way to enjoy fishing

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Western Region Fishing

Encompassing nearly one-third of the state, the western region of South Dakota includes the pine-covered mountains of the Black Hills and the spires and gorges of the Badlands. The Black

Central SD Fishing Outdoor Activities

Central Region Fishing

When Lewis and Clark traveled the Missouri River some 200 years ago, it was a muddy, dark waterway. Not so today!  With four substantial dams built along the Missouri River

Eastern SD Fishing Outdoor Activities

Southeast South Dakota Fishing

Three major rivers, the Big Sioux, the James, and the Missouri, meander through southeastern South Dakota, flanked by rolling farmland and cornfields. The region is also home to more than

Fishing Outdoor Activities

Types of Fishing

South Dakota anglers indulge in a wide variety of fishing types, each with its own unique set of strategies and challenges. Below are some of the common types of fishing