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Central SD Things to Do

Central Region Golf Courses

The central region of South Dakota offers golf courses that are nestled in the rolling prairies, the sparkling Missouri River reservoirs and the graceful bluffs that comprise the central region.

Eastern SD Things to Do

Eastern Region Golf Courses

With its rolling prairies, winding rivers, and crystal-clear streams, South Dakota’s eastern region is home to roughly 70 golf courses. There are nearly 20 located in the immediate vicinity of

Things to Do Western SD

Crystal Caverns – Crystal Cave

NOTICE: Please note that Crystal Cave Park is now currently closed to the public. Crystal Caverns encompasses a series of caves located near Rapid City, South Dakota. Crystal Cave Park and

Central SD Eastern SD Things to Do Western SD

Colleges & Universities

Education is important in South Dakota, evident in the nationally renowned universities and technical schools. There are education centers littered all throughout the state. There are currently two Division I

Central SD Eastern SD Things to Do Western SD


South Dakota boasts a large number of museums that share its’ rich history and heritage. There is a wide selection of museums throughout the state, each focusing on a unique

Central SD Eastern SD Things to Do Western SD


South Dakota has some great zoological exhibits in both the eastern and western parts of the state. There are a handful of zoos that each offer their own unique animals.

Central SD Eastern SD Things to Do Western SD


When Mother Nature turns up the heat, you need to find a way to cool off, and South Dakota has plenty of options.  Whether you prefer the dramatic drops of

Things to Do Western SD

Crazy Horse Tours

One of South Dakota’s most notable attractions, the Crazy Horse Memorial is a fusion of the splendors of nature and the creativity of man. Since 1948, the Kiolkowski family has

Things to Do Western SD

1880 Train Tours

Perhaps the most authentic way to experience the majestic beauty of western South Dakota’s Black Hills, the 1880 Train is a fully functioning, antique steam locomotive. Children and adults will enjoy

Central SD Eastern SD Things to Do Western SD

Canoe & Kayak Tours

With hundreds of beautiful lakes, streams, and water reservoirs, South Dakota is a prime locale for canoe and kayak sightseeing tours. Aquatic expeditions allow thrill-seeking travelers to experience the region’s