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Festivals and Events

With a multitude of festivals and events, South Dakota has something for everyone.  Festivals and events celebrate the best things in life, from food to music to hobbies and more.

Things to Do Western SD

Rushmore Cave

Rushmore Cave is located six miles east of Mount Rushmore Memorial in the town of Keystone, South Dakota. Nestled in the Black Hills, Rushmore Cave is the most extensive stalactite

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South Dakota offers a fun and exciting nightlife to local residents and tourists alike. We are currently in the process of updating our nightlife section. Check back soon for updates!

Things to Do Western SD

Wonderland Cave

Wonderland Cave is located near Sturgis in the beautiful town of Nemo, South Dakota. Although Indians knew of the cave for a thousand years earlier, white settlers didn’t discover it

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A haven for shopping enthusiasts, South Dakota offers a diverse array of retail venues, from modern malls to rustic shops. Specialty gift shops featuring Native American artifacts and handcrafted blankets,

Things to Do Western SD

Black Hills Caverns

The Black Hills Caverns are located four miles west of Rapid City, South Dakota. This three-level cave showcases the most rare and beautiful cave formations in the Black Hills region.