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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding offers an excellent opportunity to check out some of the un-seen landscape in the state.

Although you may be tempted to hop in your car and enjoy a cross-state drive to experience South Dakota’s scenic wonders, it’s wise to consider a sightseeing tour. From the nationally acclaimed Mount Rushmore monument to the geological wonders of the Badlands National Park to the lush forests of the Black Hills, the state of South Dakota offers no shortage of awe-inspiring destinations. By joining a group led by a guide who’s highly familiar with the area, you’ll be less likely to miss some of the amazing sights South Dakota has to offer. The guide will point out hidden gems you might not otherwise have known about, and will also warn the group of any potentially hazardous areas. Many excursions offer bulk rates that include transportation, scheduled stops, guide narration, and sometimes even meals and lodging.

There are several different types of sightseeing tours available throughout South Dakota. Choose the one that best matches your preferred style of sightseeing and the nature of the area you’re visiting:

Bus Tours

Best for excursions that span a very large area, such as the Black Hills of South Dakota, bus tours are great for accommodating large groups. They allow tourists to see a large amount of scenery in a short amount of time. Bus tours are often narrated by the guide and include stop-offs at scheduled sites.

Train Tours

Board one of South Dakota’s train tours, such as the historic 1880 Train, to experience the authentic vintage transportation used by the state’s earliest American settlers. You’ll enjoy up-close views of the Black Hills of Western South Dakota.

Hiking Tours

Combine awe-inspiring sightseeing with a dose of physical exercise when you join one of South Dakota’s hiking tours. Carefully designed foot tours bring you as close as possible to nature and provide an unrivaled view of the intricate beauties the state has to offer. Choose from a wide variety of hiking tours, traversing such areas as Badlands National Park, Custer State Park, and the caves of Mount Rushmore.

Horseback Tours

Behold the forests and prairies of South Dakota from the same vantage point as its earliest settlers when you join a horseback tour. Foster your sense of exploration while enjoying an unobstructed view of the state’s natural wonders. Different horseback riding packages are available for varying ages and experience levels.

Canoe & Kayak Tours

Experience sightseeing at its most adventurous with a canoe or kayak tour. Explore the majesty and splendor of South Dakota’s major rivers and pristine lakes firsthand, while enjoying a thrilling aquatic ride.

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