Sioux Falls Trails

Sioux Falls Trails

The town of Sioux Falls offers ample biking opportunities and an active local bicycling club, the Falls Area Bicyclists (FAB). The Sioux Falls Greenway is a paved, 14-mile route that encircles the entire city, which many locals use as a shortcut to various locations throughout town. The Greenway was established as a preserved nature area in the midst of the bustling urban community, and is now utilized as a scenic, easy route for bikers, bladers, and walkers.

A significant portion of the Sioux Falls Greenway runs alongside the Big Sioux River, passing through several of the city’s 70 parks and providing spectacular views of the water. At the centrally located Falls Park, bikers are afforded a close-up vantage point of the majestic waterfalls, the phenomenon from which the town got its name.

Just east of the city of Sioux Falls, you’ll find the Big Sioux Recreation Area, widely utilized by local urban dwellers in search of a retreat to nature. Here, nearly four miles of biking trails form two main loops, providing enough terrain for an approximate one-hour ride. Running alongside the Big Sioux River, the trails meander through dense forests, rolling grassland, prairie meadows, and open fields. Bikers will enjoy scenic river views, challenging climbs, and daring water crossings. Most of the trail surface is comprised of grass and packed dirt.

There are 18 trail segments plotted throughout the city of Sioux Falls. For more information on trail locations, distances, and trail statuses, or to utilize a clickable bicycle trail map, visit

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