South Dakota Pheasant Hunting License

Whether you are a resident or non-resident looking to hunt pheasants in South Dakota you will need to purchase a hunting license. Pricing varies depending if you are an in-state our out-of-state hunter.

As of this writing the current price for a non-resident small game license is $114 for a 10-day pass (also qualifies for 2-5 day periods). According to the official Game Fish and Parks site it covers the following:

“Nonresident hunting of Pheasant, Grouse, Gray Partridge, Quail, Sandhill Crane, Cottontail, Squirrel. You may also hunt all species allowed with a Predator/Varmint License including Coyote, Red and Gray Fox, Skunk, Prairie Dog, Ground Squirrel (gopher), Crow, Jackrabbit, Porcupine and Marmot. This license includes the privileges of the Predator/Varmint License and the Shooting Preserve License.”

Resident pheasant hunters are provided a much lower rate, but for those coming from out of state you will definitely feel the price was worth it when you see all the pheasants flying around the open fields.

Purchasing a License

Learn about Rates

To learn more about all the hunting (and fishing) rates check out the GFP site for Hunting & Fishing Licenses.

If you have any other questions you are encouraged to visit the official Game Fish and Parks website.

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