South Dakota Rules of the Road

When mountain biking in South Dakota, adhering to the below guidelines can help you to get the most out of your adventure while respecting the natural habitat and the enjoyment of other riders.

Come prepared

If you’re heading out for an extended ride, be sure to bring along plenty of water and snacks to fuel your activity. Also come ready for a variety of weather conditions, from sweltering sun to high-altitude winds to sudden showers.

Stick to the trails

They’re there for a reason. To avoid compromising natural habitats—and to ensure your own safety—avoid taking your bike off-road.

Comply with closures

Ride only on trails that are open to the public.

Keep it clean

Obey the old rule of leaving the environment just as you found it. If you make trash during your ride, take it with you.

Leave the development to the developers

Never alter a trail in any way.

Pass carefully

During prime tourist season, South Dakota biking trails can become pretty crowded. Follow the standard rules of passing and ride slowly when traffic is thick.

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