Southern Hills Golf Course scenery makes to tough to focus on golf

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Hillary Dobbs-Davis

Hillary Dobbs-Davis has spent about 93 percent of her life living in South Dakota. She's lived two decades in what native South Dakotans call "West River," and one decade "East River." In her real job, she works in PR and marketing for a local energy company. In her off time, she's out taking advantage of all West River has to offer, including kayaking, biking, hiking, camping and snowshoeing with her intrepid Westie, Miles. She and her husband, Lenn, live in Rapid City.


  1. Elliot
    Elliot 11 August, 2011, 03:34

    Nice Article, would love to golf that one. That stupid course was where we had cross country meets at every year, one word: HELL!

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