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South Dakota’s Central Region has numerous state parks, all featuring outstanding natural landscapes and recreation for the whole family.  The region is loaded with plenty of great fishing, hunting and recreational opportunities.

State Parks in the Central Region


The Central Region is home to the Missouri River which crosses the state in a sweeping southeastward arc. The only portion of the Missouri River left unaltered by channels or dams can be found on the border between South Dakota and Nebraska at the Missouri National Recreational River.

The Missouri National Recreational River contains 100 miles of free-flowing waters. This unaltered expanse features islands, sandbars, chutes, and snags, and in the sandy silt below lay the remains of at least ten steamboats. Although camping is not permitted in the Missouri National Recreational River, visitors can find lodging and camping facilities in the surrounding communities.

The Oahe Dam and Downstream Recreation Area is one of the most popular state parks in the Central Region of South Dakota. The fourth largest reservoir in the United States, fishing, swimming, and boating are popular activities at the reservoir.  The recreation area has two easy walking trails, and both of which feature opportunities to observe the bald eagle.

The reservoirs of the Central Region provide visitors with premier fishing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, and swimming opportunities. The crystal clear waterways, rife with walleye, sauger, northern pike, bass, channel catfish, pan fish, and trout, are an angler’s delight. The Central Region is a haven for canoe enthusiasts and kayakers, who enjoy hours of peaceful paddling on the waterway’s glistening surface. Over 3,000 miles of cottonwood tree-dotted shorelines are perfect for hiking and observing wildlife. Migratory bird species and the majestic bald eagle are prevalent in the area.

There are twenty-two State Park Recreational Areas within the Central Region that offer excellent locations to take advantage of the numerous outdoor activities within the region.

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