Tulare, SD

The town of Tulare is located on Highway 281 approximately 36 miles northwest of Huron and 9 miles south of Redfield.


The town of Tulare grew from a small village to a flourishing trade center that became incorporated as a town in 1916. It was originally homesteaded by Herman Maron, who was a single man at that time in December 1882. Charles Prior, who was a land developer of Hennepin County, Minnesota, purchased the land on August 14, 1883. He had it surveyed and platted the town on September 14, 1883. This site was chosen because this is where the railroad had to take on coal and water. The story goes Mr. Prior was riding the train with two men who were entertaining the passengers with their tall tales. They were so amusing that by the time they reached the town site he decided to call it “Tulare” after the “two liars.” Others thought it was named after the “Tulle” weed that grows in the swamp or after an Indian chief.

Recreation/Community Events

The City Park is a block off of US Hwy 281. It has electrical hookups for camping and lots of room in which to relax or run and play. There are also horseshoe pits and volleyball poles in the park. Available are several covered tables, play equipment, electrical outlets and BBQ grill.

The Tulare Salem Church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located one block south and one block west of the post office.

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