Turkey Hunting

South Dakota has seen a resurgence of turkey in the area in the last few decades. There is spring and fall turkey hunting seasons to both resident and nonresidents. Turkey can be found throughout the state.

Turkey Hunting Season & Location

The spring season typically runs through the second Saturday in April and runs through the 3rd Sunday in in May. The fall season typically runs from the beginning of October until the end of January. There are both archery and firearm season offerings however there is no archery season in the fall.

Turkey can be found all throughout the state. Many lodges offer turkey hunting guides so check out one of the many lodges below to see if they offer that!

Applying for a License

Like all big game hunting in the state you must apply for a license. The licenses are issued in a lottery type system to help maintain the population. To learn more about the hunting dates and licensing information please check our South Dakota Hunting License page.

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